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Hello Minecraft Parody lovers, this website is dedicated entirely to minecraft parodies and other minecraft related songs. If you are looking for a parody and for whatever reason cannot find it please inform us at "d.164avalunch@gmail.com" and we will put the lyrics up as soon as physically possible.

As we all know, Minecraft is a sandbox game created by notch in 2010. Since then Minecraft has improved so much, with creative mode, the nether and (the most important one) noteblocks. Noteblocks are objects that when placed on certain material turns into certain music. Many YouTubers have made a Minecraft parody using Noteblocks as a base or for the whole song (see captain sparklez TNT). But using these devices people have used them to make songs whether parodies or original songs. All of which the lyrics are available for if needed. Once again if you can't find something on this wiki please let us know at either d.164avalunch@gmail.com or evangeline.Strye@gmail.com

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