"I'm a Noob" - Minecraft Parody (Music Video)

"I'm a Noob" - Minecraft Parody (Music Video)

Most nights I stay up building awful structures.

Most people laugh as they see,

Most nights I try to build an awesome castle.

Even creeper's take pity.

But I try my best,

I still build things awfully

I'm easily,

A professional noob.

I tried to bake a cake,

It killed my girlfriend.


doesn't go,

In a cake.

This is it now it is time

Time to fix this crime.

Why don't I break this down already?

I can't even build myself a house.

My girlfriend's a zombie spouse.

I'm almost ready to just give in.

There I see,

A builder who's got years on me.

He's making things out of Redstone in seconds.

I aim to be,

Like this guy who's a mystery,

I've gotta train so I can be,

Can be,

Can be.

Can be

Most nights ironically a pig will punch me,

Only to try and steal my Bacon.

Most nights I stay up fixing all my structures,

So maybe the creeper's will target me.

Then I see him coming over the mountains,

I swear I could,

Hear the angels sing.

He brings a pickaxe,

It's made of diamonds,

Puts out his hand,

And gives it to me.

Hey man,

Take this pick,

I can see you're having problems with all of this.

Well the secret lies,

In more of this.

It's shiny and it helps how could it be better

So head into the mines and get ready to hack

Through all of the caves and mineshafts.

Cause from now on, I decree you hense be known.

As a minecraft pro so go and pwn

So now I'm running with diamond swords,

Slashing at all the hordes

I sit on a throne made of villagers

I rule this world with all my might

The creepers attack at night

I shed a tear when they blow up

Because right now,

I know,

I'm not a noob.